It has soul. It feels like it was made just for me.



The Air-Series Stellaris is a HollowBody Tele Thinline inspired electric guitar. Its headless design and premium materials ensure unparralelled tonal quality and a head-turning aesthetic. Its 24 fret neck, ultra-low action, and cutaway will get you through the most intricate licks and it’s versatility will ensure you get the tone you want out of this instrument.

This instruments is for people that love timeless guitars, but strive towards innovation, for people that are ready to stop sacrificing comfort and tone just because everyone else does.



**Right-Handed is Standard**

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Then a Regular Electric Guitar

Ultra Light Materials
Headless Design
Fully Hollow Construction


Flawless Weight Distribution

The Stellaris Balances Perfectly, 

Every Time.

Tuning : Easy, High-Precision, Long Lasting

This guitar has a few tricks up it’s sleeve.

Keep scrolling to see them !

Effortless String Changes

Get Back to Playing in Minutes. 

It has never been this Fast and Easy.

Modern Twist

Mysterious, Slick and Trendy :

Turn Heads everywhere you go !


It’s an electric guitar, but we wanted to showcase how resonant it is.¬†

Enjoy this 100% UNPLUGGED demonstration in different genres.

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Bridge Tuning System

Effortless Tuning

Make micro-adjustements by turning the knobs on your bridge by hand. It's friction point is precisely calculated so you never change unintentionally detune your guitar.

For more serious adjustements, use the integrated tuning lever to enhance speed and precision.

The magnetic tuning lever is always at your disposition : It tucks away in the bridge and holds perfectly in place.

Change Strings in Minutes

Use the magnetic tuning arm integrated on your bridge for ultra-fast string winding. We estimate its at least 2x faster than regular tuners.

You can also use a drill or electric screwdriver to change strings in minutes. Try to beat our staff record : 6 strings in 1m56s !

Stay in Tune for Days

The guitar holds tuning through the biggest of bends and the heaviest of riffs.

Carefully calculated friction in the tuners creates increadible tuning stability.

Eliminate the risk of detuning your guitar when playing, even if you touch the tuning knobs.


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