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The bridge has tuning knobs for adjusting the pitch of your strings. It also has a bunch of neat and practical features that you need to know about.


To learn more, visit the page of the instrument you are interested in and scroll down to the “Bridge” section

Yes, we love working with you to taylor our instruments to your needs. Customisation options are included, but now limited to :

  • Colors
  • Custom engravings (logos, writings, motifs, etc.)
  • Specific Hardware (Pickups, Strings, etc.)
  • Body Shapes
  • Different Finishes

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You will a 3/16″ hexagonal bit that is compatible with your electric screwdriver. Insert the bit in the hexagonal shape holes on top of the tuning knobs of your bridge. Turn Clockwise to wind* and Counter-Clockwise to unwind. 


Though, we do include the manual magnetic hex tuning arm, we do NOT include a HEX bit with the purchase of any guitar. Thankfully, this is a very common tool that can easily be found online or in your local hardware store for cheap.


** Please be cautious when winding your strings to not over-tighten them. This could result in permant damage to the strings. 

It mostly depends on your shipping destination. We guarantee a shipping period of 3 months* from the order date, but you can expect your instrument to arrive within a 3 week window if you live in Canada or the USA.


Every customer that chooses the “shipping” option will get a tracking number as soon as their goods are shipped.


**Excludes any custom work. In those cases, time frames will be discussed on a case-per-case basis. 

Yes, we don’t discriminate against anyone, plus they are the same price (:


Keep in mind that some instruments may have minor differences from the demonstration photos. For example, the Stellaris eleIctric guitar has the wave on its “headstock” inverted. Its 

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